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Synthetic Wigs

Confident Reflections™ is a provider of synthetic wigs for women who are experiencing hair loss due to Chemotherapy Treatments or Alopecia. All of the caps in the Confident Reflections™ synthetic collection are specially designed and hand made for women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments and alopecia. The selected short styles are designed to make the transition easier when the natural hair begins to re-grow once treatments have been completed.

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Amy - Synthetic Medical Wigs Anna - Synthetic Prosthesis Brooke - Handmade Synthetic Wig
Our Price: $340.00
Our Price: $340.00
Our Price: $360.00
Amy is a light weight synthetic prosthesis that is hand made with soft mesh base materials. Anna  is a full cap synthetic prosthesis that features a straight fringed look that provides style and comfort. Brooke is a handmade synthetic prosthesis that features a trendy style with soft materials on the inside of the cap for comfort.
Hannah Megan - Synthetic prosthesis Tiffany - Short Synthetic Wigs
Our Price: $335.00
Our Price: $365.00
Our Price: $335.00
Hannah is a short layered cut with soft base materials for sensitive scalps.
Megan is a popular Page Boy style that features a natural scalp like appearance. Tiffany is one of the ultra light weight short synthetic wig. It is fully hand made with the soft and comfortable base materials.

They are extremely light weight and have many features that provide comfort, a natural appearance, and a special non slip material in areas of the cap. The light volume of hair in each of these styles makes it a desirable medical wig for the first time wig wearing experience. They are extremely easy to care for and will require very little time. These short designs are available in 37 shades from the synthetic color chart. They are all available in 6 different root colors as well.

In the winter months, you may want to place the wig briefly into a basin of water with a small amount of conditioner added after washing. This will help to reduce static and keep the fiber soft and manageable. Be sure to always rinse the cap well. Blot the excess water from the wig and shake out the excess water. Then you can let the wig dry overnight on an open wire or plastic wig stand or place over a tall bottle so that air can flow under the cap.

Once it has dried, then brush the wig and it will return to the original style that is set into the fiber. Be sure to always use a cool setting if it is necessary to use a hair dryer. Heat will damage the synthetic fiber.