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European Human Hair Wigs

Confident Reflections has selected 100% European Human Hair Wigs that provide a highlighted blend of shades. The hair is a soft and fine texture that has shine and bounce for a healthy natural appearance. The materials used to craft the products are very soft and light weight which adds to the overall comfort of the wigs.

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Isabella - European Hair Wig Brooklyn - European Human Hair Wig Petite European Human Hair Wig
Our Price: $1,695.00
Our Price: $2,240.00
Our Price: $1,695.00
Isabella is designed and hand detailed with the finest European hair and materials. This is an excellent choice for the woman who only wants the best. This popular design features a light weight cap construction, non-slip material, and breathable base. Brooklyn is a New European Human Hair Wig that features a French drawn top of the cap for a natural appearance in a 14 inch length that is fully hand crafted with the softest of mesh materials on the inside of the cap. Mia is the newest of the European Human Hair products that is now available in a 19 inch petite cap that is available in three shades.
Our European Human Hair Wigs have 18 shades to select from in the European Hair collection. Each of the shades will have a natural blend of tones and if you would like to have some more pronounced highlights you can select one of the highlighted blends that are available in the 14 inch length Products Brooklyn and Isabella.

Brooklyn has the 100% ventilated full cap, lace front and French drawn top of the cap. There are areas in the cap with the silicone non slip material and also some areas of the poly material that tape adheres to if preferred. The circumference cap size is 21 inches and has a light to medium density.

The Isabella is a full cap with the monofilament top and lace front. There is a reinforced area at the nape of the neck with a silicone coating that provides a non- slip fit. The silicone material is also at the top front and ear area of the cap. The circumference measurement is 21 inches. It is available in the 9 inch length and also the 14 inch length. It has a light to medium density of hair.

Mia is the newest petite cap. It is a 100% handmade full cap wig. The circumference cap size is 19 inches. The hair length is 12 inches and has a light to medium density of hair. It is available in three shades: Light blonde, light brown and dark brown.

Our European Human Hair Wigs are an excellent choice for a woman with a petite head, for teens and children.