Wig Accessories
of Confident Reflections®

Comfy BandConfident Reflections® offers a selection of Wig Accessories that will provide additional support for the maintenance, comfort and attachment methods. All of the attachment methods are for daily wear of the wigs or cranial hair prosthesis.

There are lace tapes that are both available in a inch contoured shape or a straight inch tape. These are ideal for securing the lace front sections of the wigs.

The inch transparent wig tape can be used to secure areas on the thin skin material in the Ashley and the Alisha if you prefer to have additional security. The transparent tape also can be used on the tape tab material on the Samantha and the Serena.

The Comfy Band can be used with most wigs or prosthesis. It reduces pressure points, keeps the wig from shifting, and will also help to secure a better fit for some wigs. The therapeutic band is made with with a special material and is very easy to clean.

The Wire Wig Stand is an excellent accessory and is collapsible for easy storage and for travel. Air can flow under the cap when placed over the wig stand. This can be used after washing the hair to allow it to air dry.