Wig Accessories

Here are the some of the wig accessories that we offer. To purchase any of these accessories, look at the recommended packages on the product page you would like and choose the accessories you want.

Comfy Grip Band

The comfy grip band is an excellent product to keep the wig secure and in place.

The Comfy Grip Band is made with a special material and has a velcro closure for fit. The band is placed comfortably but securely around the perimeter of the head with the velcro closure at the nape of the neck.  The wig is then placed over the band. 

The perimeter of the wig will lay close to the head and come over the band several inches and will provide a secure and natural appearance.  The band creates a little bump for the wig to fit over and the edges of the wig cap will be directly on the head at the hairline and all around the perimeter. The band will also help to achieve a better fit for a cap that you feel might be a bit too loose. 

It will help to fill out the area of the cap.  This is a great product and will provide comfort by reducing some of the pressure points.  It can be used with a variety of wig caps.  Tape will not adhere to the silicone material.  It can also be used along with the specialized wigs that have the non-slip silicone material designed into to cap for added security and to achieve a better fit.

When placing the wig on your head, be sure that the top front is in the proper location on the forehead.  A good rule to follow is: Hold up your hand (palm towards your face) with the fingers together, place the little finger just at the top of the eyebrow and measure up the distance of your four fingers and place the hairline of the cap at that location. This is a recommended location for the cap that will usually provide a normal hairline.  This will let you know quickly if the wig is in its proper position.

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Wig Chin Strap

This wig chin strap can be used to secure the wig when having the wig cut and styled on your head. This will keep it from slipping and shifting.

This chin strap can be used to secure the wig when having the wig cut and styled on your head.  This will keep it from slipping and shifting.  First you will place the wig securely on your head, being sure that the front hairline is in the correct place and the ear tabs are located correctly.  First clip one side to the bottom of the ear tab and then place the strap under the chin and clip to the bottom of the ear tab on the other side.  Then adjust the tightness of the strap so that it will be very secure but also comfortable. 

Once the wig is secure,  you can begin to cut or to style the hair on the wig.  The chin strap just provides the added security so that the wig will not be displaced while combing, brushing, or cutting the hair. When the stylist combs the hair at different angles, this will keep it from coming off and from shifting so that the hair cut will be as accurate as possible. 

*It is recommended that the chin strap should be used unless the wig is very secure with a suction type fit that is provided with the Ashley and the Alisha. These will not require the use of the chin strap due to their secure fit. Possibly it will not be necessary with the Madison, since the perimeter is a stretch non slip material. That will depend on the individual fit and the size of the head.

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Metal Wig Stand

The wigs can be placed over the stand so that air can circulate under the cap. This wig stand will collapse for travel and storage.

The wig or prosthesis can be placed over the stand so that air can circulate under the cap. This stand will collapse for travel and storage. Simply fit one of the metal sides inside the other so that they fit correctly together at the top. This is an excellent accessory to have when washing the hair. After washing, you can blot the excess water from the hair with a towel and comb through the hair. Place the hair prosthesis over the metal wig stand to dry. The air will circulate under the wig cap allowing it to dry effectively.

The metal wig stand can be taken apart for easy storage. When traveling, it will store flat and can easily be packed into the suitcase or overnight bag.

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Transparent Wig Tape

The transparent wig tape comes in boxes with 36 strips per package.

This transparent wig tape can be used on a polyurethane base or will attach to the tape tabs inside of the cap of the wigs that are usually found at the front, the ear tabs, and at the nape of the neck. Cutting small pieces of this tape is usually all that is necessary, however it is a personal preference depending on the fit that you want to achieve by the amount of tape used.

This wig tape will work well to use at the ear tab area of the Ashley and the Alisha.  It can also be used on the thin skin area just behind the lace front at the top. For added security tape can also be used at the nape of the neck. Another wig that can be secured with this transparent tape is the Samantha and the Serena.  There is a special material that the tape will adhere to on the front of this cap and also at the nape of the neck. 

Wig Tape can be used with the synthetic wigs if needed by sewing in the patches to give added security if you prefer. *It is important to note that tape will not adhere to the silicone non-slip material that is in some of the cap constructions of the other wigs.  They are designed to fit without the use of tape.

If you would like to use tape with some of these products for added security, you may use the security patch kits located below with the exception of the Madison.  The design of this cap has the non slip material around the perimeter which will give more security.

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