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Natalie - African American Human Hair Wigs Natalie
Our Price: $920.00
Isabella - European Hair Wig Isabella
Our Price: $1,695.00
Brooklyn - European Human Hair Wig Brooklyn
Our Price: $2,240.00
Petite European Human Hair Wig Mia
Our Price: $1,695.00
Welcome to Women's Lace Front Wigs

  • Women's Lace Front Wigs provides specially designed wigs for alopecia totalis, cancer patients and medical hair loss conditions. In the selection of products for Confident Reflections we give special attention to the detail, quality control, and exceptional design of each of the products. We are sensitive to the personal challenges that women face who are experiencing any type of hair loss due to a medical condition or treatment. Medically related hair loss conditions require realistic and practical solutions.

    The unique designs that we select provide a secure fit for daily wear without bonding so that the hair enhancement can be removed each day for maintaining the quality of the hair and comfort.

    Having experienced alopecia for decades and working with women for over 20 years to find wig solutions, it became evident that there is a growing need for comfortable, light weight and secure fitting wigs that provide a natural appearance.

  • Our specialty products for cancer patients offer selected synthetic wig designs that provide comfort for sensitive scalps while going through the chemotherapy treatments. The soft base materials and light weight synthetic wigs are very easy to care for. They require very little time and the style is set into the fiber with the wash and air dry convenience.
  • The newest and most popular products are the European Human Hair Wigs. The Isabella is available in a 9 inch length and also a 14 inch length. Brooklyn is the 14 inch length with the french drawn top and Mia is our petite cap design.