Wig Glossary
From Confident Reflections™

Here is the Confident Reflections™ Glossary:

Alopecia This is an alternative medical term that is used instead of hair loss.

Alopecia Areata - This is a term that is used to describe hair loss that occurs in random patches.

Alopecia Totalis - Total loss of hair on the scalp.

Alopecia Universalis - Hair loss can occur all over the body.

Androgenetic Alopecia - A type of alopecia that is believed to occur due to a genetic predisposition.

Comfort security patches These are small patches made of a special material that transparent tape will adhere to. These patches can be sewn areas of the cap so that tape can be used to provide more comfort and keep the wig from slipping.

Custom Quality Specialty Wig A high quality wig or cranial prosthesis that is designed with base materials so that the cap may be altered to achieve an excellent fit. It is very comparable to some special order custom hair pieces.

Daily Wear Cranial Prosthesis and Lace Front Wig This is a type of cranial prosthesis or Lace front Prosthesis that can be removed each day. It can be secured with a special tape that can be removed at the end of the day. These prostheses will not require any type of bonding material.

100% European Human Hair- This is Human Hair that has retained the cuticle and has undergone a special process to prevent tangling and retain the quality of this extremely fine Caucasian hair.

French Lace Front This is a fine lace material that is in the front of high quality wigs that produces a very natural appearance and hair line.

Heat sensitive material - This is a material that is used in the construction of a wig cap to prevent the cap of slipping and shifting. The material adheres to the head due to the heat that is released from the scalp producing a suction like effect.

Lace tape Lace tape can be used for daily wear and is placed in small amounts to secure the lace material to the cap.

Letter of Medical Necessity This is a letter that is sometimes required by insurance companies in order to reimburse patients for a medical cranial hair prosthesis. Patients can request a letter of necessity from their physicians to provide to the insurance company.

Medical Cranial Hair Prosthesis This is a specially designed wig with special features for comfort, natural appearance, and special needs of the medical hair loss patient.

Non-Slip Material This is a silicone material that is used in the construction of high quality wigs or cranial prostheses. It helps to keep the wig from shifting or slipping out of place.

100% Remy Human Hair- This is an excellent quality of hair that is used in cranial prosthesis. The hair has undergone a process that prevents the hair from tangling and is very easy to care for. It is very similar to naturally growing hair.

Synthetic Root Colors The synthetic fiber is darker at the root area and is lighter toward the ends.

Textured Relaxed Human Hair This is hair that is specially processed and is used in wigs and cranial prosthesis especially designed for African American Women.

Thin skin material- This is a material that is used in a specially designed cranial prosthesis. It has a very natural appearance and is extremely fine and thin. It produces an effect as if hair is naturally growing from the scalp.

Transparent Tape This is a tape that is used to adhere to the poly-skin like material and scalp to provide extra security so that the wig will not shift.