Why Confident Reflections?
What makes us different?

Confident Reflections® strives to provide women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy and all types of alopecia with practical and simple solutions that will compliment their lifestyle. The key features we strive to provide are extremely light weight comfortable base materials, security with non-slip materials, and a natural appearance using only the highest quality lace front Remy and European human hair.

Living with alopecia for many years, interacting with support groups, and working with women to find hair replacements has given me insight to realize that there is a growing need for a new avenue of finding solutions to a challenging situation. We recognize the value and importance of empowering women by offering a confidential resource for products that is available in the comfort, security, and convenience of their home.

Confident Reflections® is dedicated to providing high quality human hair and synthetic wig solutions. They are specifically designed and hand crafted for medical hair loss patients. In order to provide you with additional information, we have another resource site, womenswigsolutions.com that will provide you with many helpful tips, general facts about all types of wigs, an insurance filing guide and comfort suggestions.

We are different than most providers of medical wigs or cranial hair prostheses because we recognize through personal experience and research of available products special qualities that will enhance your lifestyle and give you more confidence in your wig wearing experience. Many providers have not worn wigs themselves or experienced hair loss. This limits their capability to identify and understand the qualities necessary to achieve comfort, confidence and a natural appearance.

When experiencing alopecia for many years you recognize the invaluable characteristics that are necessary in the creation of a cranial prosthesis. All of the prostheses are hand crafted by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The softest mesh, French lace, non-slip materials and excellent quality Remy human hair are used to make these specialty wigs. For women experiencing alopecia totalis, the French lace-thin skin wig (Ashley or Alisha) can be custom fitted with the use of the measurement guide if you prefer. Your measurements for this wig will be kept on file for future orders.

Years of time spent with women who are experiencing hair loss, regardless of the extent or the cause has helped me to realize that each individual will handle this challenge in a different way. Many women have a difficult time just with the experience of shopping for and finding the right wig. It can be an upsetting, embarrassing, confusing, and a very emotional experience. In some cases, many will stay at home and are unable to face the task of shopping for a wig. Confident Reflections™ is committed to providing support, knowledge, resources, and excellent products for women in the comfort of their home without having to be placed in an uncomfortable situation. This will allow them to make their own decisions and have excellent custom quality hair replacement products available to them at all times.